Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life Once Again

Seattle Mariners vs Tex W 5-2
Los Angeles Dillweeds of Anaheim @ Min L 2-3

Seattle101.000-1-00-052Won 11-0
Oakland11.500.51-10-0107Won 11-1
Texas01.00010-00-125Lost 10-1
LA Angels01.00010-00-123Lost 10-1

Opening day could not have been any more glorious. Our Mariners started the season off on the right foot. Before the game, Ichiro was presented with a-freakin-nother Gold Glove and the Louisville Silver Slugger Award. To anyone reading this - please appreciate what this guy is doing. He is an absolute joy to watch and you are not going to see a more well rounded player for years. Not only one of the most exciting players to watch, but notice the attention to detail in every aspect of his game. It is beautiful. Then the one and only Drew Niehaus threw out the first pitch, dressed to kill I might add.

On to the game. Erik Bedard went 5 giving up only 1 run, but he did manage to throw 106 pitches and walked 4, which was definitely concerning. All throughout spring he's had walk issues, and tonight did not do anything to calm our nerves. But still you cannot argue with one run given up, and the bullpen did a fantastic job as well. And let me tell you, it will never get old seeing JJ come in to shut the door. The Safe just becomes absolutely electric. And hearing that crowd erupt after that last fastball he blew by Hamilton was a perfect ending.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Cuts, 2K8

Remember the first round of cuts in Major League? Well those red tags went up in 12 players lockers today. In the great words of Jake Taylor, they all just died and went down to the minors. Here's the quick list of those reassigned and a key release from last year's squad.

Horacio Ramirez - Released from the team. I feel for the guy. He went 8-7 although his ERA was horrendous - above 7. Not nearly talented enough to be a starter in this league, but went out last year and worked his tail off as our fifth starter. Although I'm excited about
our rotation without him, we shouldn't be all that happy to see him go. Let's give him some credit for going out there every fifth day and working with what he had, and compiling a winning record.

Phillippe Aumont - our first round pick this year was sent to the minors. An immensely talented righty hopes to be a stud in our rotation in the next few years, but definitely not ready for the Bigs yet. He did look very good though in his first spring outings of his career.

Annnd not many surprises among the rest.
Joe Woerman
Yung Chi Chen
Jair Fernandez
Adam Moore
Brant Ust

Bronson Sardinha
Mark Kiger
Bryan LaHair
Brodie Downs
Stephen Kahn
Robert Rohrbaugh

and to hold us over until the seasonal opener..........

MLB 2K8 is HERE!!

So I finally got to sit down and play the only real option we proud 360 owners have for a baseball simulator this year. Curse you Sony for owning the rights to The Show. That game is ballin'. But anyway, 2K8 is actually much better than I was expecting. Besides Bedard not being on the initial roster (thank you XBox Live for free downloads) and pitching and baserunning being insanely difficult, we finally have a game that looks genuinely real. It's the little details and subtle movements that real players make during games that catch your eye. Ichiro's routine is animated perfectly (although does he seem a little chubby to anyone else?) and if you watch Dontrelle Willis, he even has the little shoulder shrug after every pitch. His hat is also perfect.

Looks like somebody sucks with the laser. That's what would happen if I let 2K8 get in the way of my uber laser pwnage.

However I am ashamed to admit that this game has taken a backseat to Halo 3. My spring break demanded it. I have a week straight free of any responsibilities here on campus, and pwning noobs was by far my number one priority. But I guarantee you that once baseball season starts, I will need 2K8 to step up and dominate my life, which I have no doubt will happen.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time to Get Serious

Now that it is spring break, I can finally get down to business and get back to informing you all about my thoughts on spring training and our beloved Mariners.

In the week that was:

Tue @ Oak - L 9-6
Wed LAA - W 6-5
Thu @ Mil - W 5-2
Fri @ ChC - L 6-4

Just some quick notes worth mentioning about this week. King Felix went 4 decent innings against Milwaukee, giving up a moon shot to Ryan Braun and another homer to Rickie Weeks (wtf). But still he pitched well, which is more than we can say about Silva against Chicago. But to be honest I'm still going to back Silva even though we did grossly overpay for him. I think that a pitcher who lets hitters put it in play in the huge park that is Safeco is going to yield some surprisingly good results. Also, Ichiro is now 0-10. It is just so weird seeing him not hit. He took the Milwaukee game off again to work on his swing in the cages, so he should be fine.

I want you all to know that once I can actually start watching the games instead of just reading about them, this is going to get a lot more interesting. What I plan on doing is to give you all of the little nuances from every game that you won't hear about on Sportscenter or in the recaps. But until then, please keep reading for updates throughout the spring, as I will continue posting about how we are doing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Updates cont.

Spring Record (3-2)

L 10-11 vs SD

OK, so we are mortal. But even with the loss, a lot of good came out of this game. King Felix looked like his old brilliant self, which is awesome news since I just traded for him in my fantasy league. Also, Wladimir Balentien went yard twice, showing some flashes of power. I really hope he can have a big spring and show something during the regular season in that hole we have in right field.

W 6-2 vs SD
So apparently all we do is play the Padres. BUT we roughed up Jake Peavy pretty good. The bats are really coming around, and if this is any indication of what this year is going to be like, I am PUMPED.

L 6-5 vs ChC
First the good. Wash looked great through 3 innings, not giving up a run. But not much else to praise here. So I have my first concerns of the spring pop up here. Through 5 games, Ichiro doesn't have a hit. Not that that is much of a concern, he will still bat .350. But still, it's very strange to not see him dominating 19 year olds. Also, JEFF SAMARDZIJA got the win in this game. Yeah, the freaking surfer bum wide receiver from Notre Dame. This does not make me happy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baseball is Offically Here

This is the happiest time of the entire year.

I think what makes me the happiest of all is the fact that we are now seeing baseball players wearing uniforms out on that beautiful field instead of wearing suits in front of congressional hearings. This is why this is America's past time. Because no matter how bad things get, the love of the game will always conquer all, and it is the one sport that we can honestly say will never die in this country. Long after the NFL, NBA, MLS, and NHL die out (hopefully a long long long time from now), MLB will be the last one standing.

You know what else makes me happy? Fantasy baseball. Last night we had our draft, and let me tell you, there is no better time when a group of your best friends get together for 4 hours to completely trash on each other and make you question your friendships.

I'll go over some quick highlights.

-Troy came late because he was at a ballet. Homo.
-Kyle didn't show up at all, and Dan and Mike called him over 30 times a piece, swearing at him the entire time. Hilarious.
-I got the first pick. A-Rod. Obviously. Suck it.
-Jason brought his 2006 Fantasy Baseball Championship trophy to mock my grand total of zero baseball championships. This year I take it from him. And I still have never lost a football championship. Suck it.
-Mike printed out my entire draft sheet to use. Which I was fine with because it was the original draft and mine was completely different. However, it did suck because he took Felix right before I was about to. Sooo angry. Got Bedard though in the 5th. So it's ok.
-Dan took Khalil Greene. In case you didn't know, Greene went to Clemson. So it instantly makes both Dan and his team a bunch of douchebags.
-18 game winner Kelvim Escobar went undrafted.

All in all it was an awesome night, besides the fact I stayed up until about 5 in the morning getting curb stomped in Halo.


OK, now for a Mariners update.

The best way I can describe our spring performance so far is like this - "We are the greatest team ever and will never lose again."

And if you think I'm exaggerating.... I am.

But still 2-0 babyyy.

W 10-3 vs SD
JEREMEY REED WENT YARD!!! haha, if you don't know me, I actually really like Jeremy Reed. Not so much for his playing ability (good scrappy player, but can't really hit), but just as a personal favorite player. BUT HE WENT YARD! Enjoy that because it probably won't ever happen again.

W 5-3 @ SF
Hmmm. Bedard looked shaky. 2 IP 3 ER. Not too happy about that. BUT I am happy about the 3 runs in the 9th. Shows we know how to come through in the clutch. Haha, I love making spring training more than it really is.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Oh My!!

It is a fantastic day in Mariner country.

After only one season of being able to watch Seattle games with the hometown feed (thank you MLB.tv), I already know why everybody loves Dave Niehaus. When I first heard him, I thought he was a little corny, but after watching a couple of games, I absolutely loved listening to him. When he gets excited, you can tell it is 100% pure and honest love of the game that comes with those old fashioned lines.

And now he's headed to Cooperstown. With the Mariners since their birth, he has been in the booth for 31 years and has done so with unheard of reliability - 4817 of 4899 games (thanks to this article for that tidbit). That includes two angioplasties by the way. Now he is the proud winner of the Ford C. Frick Award and headed to the hall.

My, oh my indeed.

(thanks to www.princeton-indiana.com for the sweet pic)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Personal Fantasy Player Values

Well, although about 100% of the people who read this are also in my fantasy league, I am posting the very list that I will be using in this year's fantasy drafts. Mainly because I want to hear some reactions. Now remember, these values are given based on not only the production that is expected, but they are determined by how much value they will be to your team based on what position they play. Don't for a second think that I believe that BJ Upton is a top 10 player in the game today.

The ELITES: If you don't have a top 3 pick, PRAY that one of these guys finds a way to drop to you.

Chase Utley 122.667

A-Rod 120

Jose Reyes 118.8

1st Round Material: These are the guys who you can definitely be excited about having on your team.

Hanley Ramirez 115.2

David Wright 114

Jimmy Rollins 114

Miguel Cabrera 114

BJ Upton 112

Alfonso Soriano 111.76

Matt Holiday 111.76

Studs: These are the rest of the top tier players that will round out the 2nd round. If you can get one in the third round, be ecstatic.

Carl Crawford 110.588

Vladimir Guerrero 109.411

Carlos Beltran 109.411

Brandon Phillips 109.33

Ryan Braun 109.2

Aramis Ramirez 109.2

Ichiro Suzuki 108.235

Derek Jeter 108

Albert Pujols 106.67

The Best of the Rest: Here is the last tier of players that can dominate.

Brian Roberts 106.67

Grady Sizemore 105.88

Troy Tulowitzki 105.6

Garrett Atkins 105.6

Manny Ramirez 104.7

Curtis Granderson 103.529

Lance Berkman 103.529

Johan Santana 103.385

Ryan Howard 102.4

David Ortiz 102.4

Prince Fielder 102.4

Alex Rios 102.35

Jake Peavy 102.308

Josh Beckett 102.308

Erik Bedard 102.308

Brandon Webb 102.308

CC Sabathia 102.308

Victor Martinez 102

JJ Putz 102

Jonathan Papelbon 102

Adrian Beltre 102

Robinson Cano 101.33

Felix Hernandez 101.23

Roy Halladay 101.23

Francisco Rodriguez 100.8

Cole Hamels 100.153

Dan Haren 100.153

Magglio Ordonez 100

The Rest: OK, so here is how I rank the rest, and at this point I will be strictly choosing the top available player from the list for the position I need. This is honestly where it gets up in the air. Those first 3 or 4 picks you took from the lists above will be your workhorses, but these are the guys who are going to win you championships

Howie Kendrick 100

Rickie Weeks 100

Joe Nathan 99.6

Carlos Zambrano 99.077

John Lackey 99.077

Ben Sheets 99.077

Gary Sheffield 98.823

Carlos Lee 98.823

Eric Byrnes 98.823

Placido Polanco 98.667

Russell Martin 98.4

Michael Young 98.4

Miguel Tejada 98.4

Carlos Guillen 98.4

Roy Oswalt 98

Dustin Pedroia 97.33

Dan Uggla 97.33

Joe Mauer 97.2

Billy Wagner 97.2

Bobby Jenks 97.2

Justin Verlander 96.923

Brad Penny 96.923

Bobby Abreu 96.47

Rafael Furcal 96

JJ Hardy 96

Takashi Saito 96

Adam Dunn 95.29

Mark Teixeira 94.933

Mariano Rivera 94.8

Brian McCain 94.8

Jorge Posada 94.8

Lance Berkman 93.866

Justin Morneau 93.866

Kenji Johjima 93.6

Ivan Rodriguez 93.6

Ian Kinsler 93.33

Jose Valverde 92.4

Edgar Renteria 92.4

Jhonny Peralta 92.4

Derek Lee 91.733

Travis Hafner 91.733

Javier Vazquez 91.538

Orlando Cabrera 91.2

Stephen Drew 91.2

Victor Martinez 90.667

Kelly Johnson 90.667

Orlando Hudson 90.667

Fausto Carmona 90.461

Trevor Hoffman 90

Chone Figgins 90

Jarrod Saltalamacchia 90

Francisco Liriano 89.308

Scott Kazmir 89.308

Tim Lincecum 89.308

Phil Hughes 89.308

John Smoltz 89.308

Pedro Martinez 89.308

Ryan Zimmerman 88.8

Chipper Jones 88.8

Alex Gordon 88.8

Francisco Cordero 88.8

Daisuke Matsuzaka 88.308

Mike Lowell 87.6

Carlos Guillen 87.466

Torii Hunter 87.059

Vernon Wells 87.059

Kaz Matsui 86.66

Paul Konerko 86.4

Huston Street 86.4

Hideki Matsui 85.88

Jason Bay 85.88

Khalil Green 85.2

Carlos Pena 84.266

Garrett Atkins 84.266

Jason Varitek 84

Ramon Hernandez 84

Jered Weaver 82.923

Jermaine Dye 82.353

Hunter Pence 82.353

Raul Ibanez 82.353

Nick Markakis 81.176

Chris Young 81.176

Andruw Jones 81.176

Brad Hawpe 81.176

Adrian Gonzalez 81.066

Tim Hudson 80.769

Todd Helton 80

Delmon Young 80

Johnny Damon 80

Pat Burrell 80

AJ Burnett 79.69

James Loney 78.933

Nick Swisher 78.933

Alex Gordon 78.933

Josh Fields 78.82

Shane Victorino 78.82

Nick Swisher 78.82

Jeff Francis 78.615

Jeff Francoeur 77.647

Aaron Rowand 77.647

Chien-Ming Wang 77.538

Aaron Harang 77.538

Ken Griffey Jr. 76.47

Jacoby Ellsbury 76.47

Jeremy Bonderman 76.461

Chris Young 75.384

Rich Harden 75.384

John Maine 75.384

Carlos Delgado 74.667

Matt Kemp 74.117

Kelvim Escobar 71.07

Brett Myers 71.07

James Shields 70

Juan Pierre 69.411

Rich Hill 68.923

Dontrelle Willis 68.923

Matt Cain 68.923

Clay Buchholz 67.846